The raw energy and imagination of the everyday
Volksrekorders is an artists initiative based in Rotterdam (NL) with a special focus on the individual experience of the public domain. We are a group of 9 artists, from different approaches of artistic expression: sculpture, painting, writing, photography and graphic design. But when joining forces as Volksrekorders, we translate our individual investigations, in relation to the larger public sphere, into numerous short films. These short films converge into a series of episodes that we broadcast via the Internet TV platform.

Through our platform we ultimately want try to create a public space that is porous, and not divided. Volksrekorders wants to record, archive, and react on the compelling energy of the everyday.

20th FilmFest Dresden
In the spring of 2008 Volksrekorders was invited to contribute to the 20th FilmFest Dresden, International Short Film Festival (Germany). This has resulted in the production of 60 video works. To view these works: click here

Urban Festival Zagreb
Volksrekorders participated in the seventh annual Urban Festival Zagreb (Croatia), in the summer of 2007. During the festival we produced 70 short videoworks that investigate the everyday in the city of Zagreb. Click here to view an episode.

Our supporters
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