Marcel van den Berg

Born in Koudekerk aan den Rijn (NL) in 1976, Marcel van den Berg earned his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with honours from the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) in 2003. Marcel van den Berg currently lives and works in Rotterdam.

Van den Berg's work can be positioned in form and aim between poetry and visual art. Considering his practice as a way to obtain knowledge and activate his mind, he subscribes at the same time to a quote of the writer B.S. Johnson (1933-1973): 'A page is an area on which I may place any signs I consider to communicate most nearly what I have to convey.' He believes that the traditional form of poetry is outdated and the structure of modern poetry has to be extended to reflect modern man's expanded perception of reality.

His work has been exhibited at e.g. Flatstation (Amsterdam, NL), (Amsterdam, NL), 20th Filmfest Dresden (Dresden, Germany), Norrköpings Konsthall (Norrköping, Sweden), UrbanFestival (Zagreb, Croatia),
Falkeandcharlotte (Amsterdam, NL), Rael Artel Gallery (Pärnu, Estonia), Expodium (Utrecht, NL) and Academiegalerie (Utrecht, NL).